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Pricing Guidelines

Pricing is subject to change based on project customization; costs are provided as a guide.

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Bespoke Web Design


$ 1000-1800
  • 5 - 8 pages
  • graphic design
  • branding
  • 1st year hosting


$ 2000-3000
  • 9-20 pages
  • graphic design
  • branding
  • 1st year hosting


$ 3200-7500
  • 21-60 pages
  • graphic design
  • branding
  • 1st year hosting

Additional costs for extended functionality:

• additional custom graphic design – based on project needs
• custom WP dashboard with training videos post launch – $300
• wooCommerce installation $500 includes (setup, 4 associated pages, custom email template, stripe integration)


Additional costs for extended functionality:

• LMS learning and/or membership management starts at $1000 – (includes base install, setup, course/lesson builder structure, membership system, payment gateway)
• LMS customized $1500 – (includes above with advanced lesson custom fields, and custom template dynamic system)

Online LMS
Learning Management System
& Membership Websites

Extra Large Website
Custom LMS
Payment Gateways
8K -20K

Highly custom online course content learning systems geared to corporate, industrial, organizational, legal, educational, medical, certification, and other training.


Hosting Costs

Base plan – $200/month
This includes reliable hosting (100) + security and plugin update (60) + premium plugin use (40)

LMS / Membership based hosting plan above + 60 = $260/month
* plan is based on site size

Within all hosting plans 1 hour of website tech support is provided as needed per month.
Includes – tasks associated with updating/page adjustments, graphic support etc. $100 value
Note – the above does not carry over.
Meaning, if 1 hr. is not used within a given month – then, 2 hrs are not provided in a next month.

Tech Support Costs

Fee for tech support + tech training @ $100/hr.
Fee for tech support + training for existing hosted clients @ $80/hr.
Discount of 10% on learning programs for existing hosted clients.
External tech support can be provided for: DNS, MX email settings, site migration.

Note: Services are provided globally and are payable in US funds.

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Tips to reduce costs

• Be ready – have page related content separated and copied into rich text files (rtf) 
• Be specific – identify up to 3 other websites you like the ‘look’ and feel of style wise.
• Be prepared – if you have logos and other branded assets zip them together in a zip file.
• Be organized – locate royalty free image files and group them into page placement folders.
• Be available – time is money, attend meetings, proof draft work, follow the contract agreement.

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