Pricing Guidelines

Pricing is subject to change based on project customization; these costs are provided as a guide.

Bespoke Web Design

Website With The Works!

$ 3-6K
  • Bespoke design
  • Clarity Branding
  • DNS Configuration
  • Email CRM System
  • Marketing Email
  • Form builder
  • Payment Processor
  • Image Optimization
  • SEO Premium Tools
  • VIP Support

Website Management

$ 1-4K
  • Web hosting
  • DNS configuration
  • Premium level plugin
  • Spam protection
  • Malware protection
  • Plugin maintenance
  • Daily backups
  • CSV email import
  • Discounted training
  • 2hrs monthly support

Hosting Costs

Hosting plans are based on individual website server needs and include the following items:
Reliable hosting + security, spam, and weekly plugin updating + use of premium pro plugins.
LMS/Membership hosting requires an additional cost based on website site size and needs.
All hosting + care plans include 2hrs of tech support as needed ($240. value).
This can be used for tasks such as: custom graphic optimization, content updating, page edits etc.
Note* the above support hrs do not carry over, each month has a 2hr allotment.

Tech Support Costs

Tech support + tech training @ $120/hr.
Fee for tech support + training for existing hosted clients @ $100/hr.
External tech support can be provided for DNS, MX email settings, site migration.
Note: Services are provided globally and are payable in US funds.

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Tips to reduce costs

• Be ready – have page related content separated and copied into rich text files (rtf) 
• Be specific – identify up to 3 other websites you like the ‘look’ and feel of style wise.
• Be prepared – if you have logos and other branded assets zip them together in a zip file.
• Be organized – locate royalty free image files and group them into page placement folders.
• Be available – time is money, attend meetings, proof draft work, follow the contract agreement.