This is a beta program which means it is the initial launch of this training program. The final version of the course will include your feedback in the launch version. This is appreciated and is reflected in the 50% discounted cost of $365. Once past beta, the regular training cost will be $727.00.

Ideally, this hand-holding online training course is geared to help people understand WordPress and learn the steps to create, design, launch, and manage a website starting from scratch.
You will require: basic computer skills, an updated computer system, desktop or laptop of Mac or PC. 

Wed. April 1st. - Wed. May 13th

  • I am interested in Suzy Web's WP Over Easy 6 week Beta course

  • Please provide information about your website goals.

  • Do you already have a domain name purchased to use for your website project? If not, that is not a problem.
  • This course is designed to teach you how to operate a self-hosted WordPress website and not a free or shared web hosted platform. Do you currently have a web host account? If not, that is not a problem, a learning platform will be provided for you that does not require a hosting account. This is explained more in the course.
  • Describe the purpose of the website you want to make and any other information you'd like me to know.

  • Don't be shy, spill the beans here.